Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens before the day of our marriage ?

We meet together, you and myself, to get to know each other, in a place of your choice. You say what you want in terms of imagery and we study the course of the marriage day.

How long will you be with us ?

To create a real feeling of intimacy between you and myself, it is important that I be present at your preparation before the event. You, your family, your friends will get used to me be being there. I stay with you for 14 hours, from the preparation to the final dance party, observing and shooting photos during that time.

In what form will we get our marriage photos ?

You will get your photos (around 500) on a CDrom in three formats:
Low-resolution signed photos for on-line sharing.
High-resolution for TV and tablet screens.
High-resolution for printing.

Do you travel ?

Yes, of course. I live near to Paris and travel extensively through France and Europe.

What is your tariff ?

My tariffs are moderate compared to the pleasure given! Ask for my price list.

Rates are available upon request, contact me

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