• Helen & Mark

    Helen & Mark

    Marriage and reception at Château de Varennes


    It’s in the magnificent château de Varennes (Burgundy) that Helen and Mark tied the lifelong knot between themselves. The ceremony, supremely elegant and full of British humour, was held in the château’s chapel. Diner was served outside, illuminated by suspended lanterns. My gratitude goes towards the couple for their touching attentions and towards the Truchis family for its warm hospitality.

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  • Yaël & Adrien

    Yaël & Adrien

    Marriage at the Nazareth Synagogue Nazareth and at Pavillon Royal


    Yaël’s and Adrien’s marriage was a very Parisian affaire. The synagogue ceremony was majestic and moving. It was followed by a photo session. The married couple wanted to associate their love story to symbols of Paris life (the cafés, the place des Victoires, the Alexander bridge). The reception was held at the luxurious Pavillon Royal, in the bois de Boulogne. The affection of friends and family surrounded the young, beautiful couple. One continued to sing, deep into the night.

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  • Aurélie & Bernt

    Aurélie & Bernt

    Marriage at Saint-Brais and reception at Maison des Halles , Neuchâtel


    Aurélie’s and Bernt’s marriage is a great memory for me, full of lots of emotion and with a feeling of elegance and majesty. On the high plateau of the Swiss Jura, where the ceremony happened, one felt only harmony between nature and the married couple. We organised a group photography session outside, in a field, at the end of a beautiful afternoon. I still have stars in my eyes and Aurélie’s gorgeous voice in my heart.

    Here’s what they wrote to me : « Dear Benjamin, thanks to have captured the souvenirs that we will show to our descendants. Your work and personal investment impressed us. Thanks from the bottom of our heart. »

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  • Andrea and Grégory

    Andrea & Grégory

    Marriage in Paris, ceremony at the Victoires’ synagogue, réception at the ‘Salle Wagram’.


    Thanks to Andrea and Gregory for their trust. So as to tell their story fully, we did not one but a number of sessions. I was struck by the fondness between the two. On these photos, Grégory has the eyes of Rodrigue for Chimène and Andréa’s eye are brimming with love. Their marriage is also a story of friendship and family feelings. Very emotional moments full of explosions of joy and of vitality.

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  • Elodie & Sébastien

    Elodie & Sébastien

    Marriage at Monthléry and reception at the Domaine des Hauts de Pardaillan.


    Elodie and Sébastien’s marriage was a festival of elegance and refinement. The bride was full of joy and split the air in the most graceful and nimble way. I remember the bridegroom’s humor and how the guests were full of laughs. Everything was fairylike : the decoration, the lighting, the place. Butzi, the magician, went from table to table, doing his numbers. Coins and cards disappeared, while Elodie’s smile illuminated the night. Thanks to the newlyweds for their trust and welcome.

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  • Anne-Sophie & Olivier

    Anne-Sophie & Olivier

    Marriage at Lagny sur Marne and reception at the Manoir des Ecrennes


    Anne-Sophie’s and Olivier’s marriage was a touching, elegant and fun event. I remember a fantastic expression of energy, bathed in a warm, spark filled light, with waves of laughing and also tears. My thoughts for our couple who treated me with much generosity ! At one-o-clock in the morning I left, full of hope and confidence. Under a star-studdied june night, dancing was still on.

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