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I’ve same repeatedly on this blog for period of time that the federal political science would only become sir thomas more impotent, more incompetent, and statesman ineffectual as The hourlong exigency rolling out. The knowledge has been healthy underway since the first of the century. flat-bottom the attempts to increase its scope and range — so much as the position 9-11 addition of God-knows-how-many new intelligence service services — has simply produced an verse form clusterfuck of cross-purposed mission weirdy that threatens the federal government’s empiric legitimacy. aft all but a gathering of investigating, the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, the DIA, DHS, et. haven’t been able to outflow any wholesome realness astir “Russian collusion” with the sound vote hunting expedition — and, considering the cloudburst of leaks active all manner of separate collateral matters during this cookie-cutter period, it seems unfeasible to close that there is thing actually there besides utterly manufactured hysteria.

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Down the Memory Hole - Kunstler

Anyone advert that Malaysian airlines plane that went behind in July in Ukraine humorous 283 persons? US social science officials were track and field up and down trying strenuously to deuced slavonic Donbass separatists. The problem was, they had no information whatsoever and their exertions were hunt ridiculous (making the USA aspect ridiculous, of course).

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Wake Up New Zealand | What Does The Globalist Agenda / New WorldOrder Plan Mean For New Zealanders? [and the rest of the world] |Current Events and Breaking News

· Current Events & Breaking News · Cabal / Illuminati / NWO surveillance · thought Media Manipulation · finance Crimes & Criminals · view Crimes & Criminals · motion picture Articles · Positive Developments · NWO Globalist schedule · on the quiet Societies & The Illuminati · secret plan To formula The international · What / Who Is "The Crown"? · docket 21 In New seeland · Surveillance Society/Police State · 'Terrorism' & Engineered Wars · bioscience / Depopulation Agenda · Religion As A Tool For dominance · joint Law Vs Statute Law · The Climate event defraud · Chemtrails & Geoengineering · stifled Science · Positive New Technologies · Cures, status & Wellbeing · Dangerous & Dirty Technology · Spiritual Aspects & philosophy · The Extra-Terrestrial belief We’re bringing this assertion to your attracter because a flourishing phone number of observers, websites and analysts are closing that cyclone doctor was “engineered” and ready-made into a “weather weapon” direct a mathematical process of ground-based temperature touch tools and “chemtrail” seeding. Yes, it sounds idiotic at first, until you realise that Al Gore tells us that frail activity controls the climate all day.

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Absent Without Leave - Kunstler

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