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If flavourer Girls history tells us anything, the just-announced Spice Girls - GEM splinter group is a risk. leave once Geri Halliwell ducked out at the top of the group's success in 1998? The leftover four members did their record-breaking continue on Spice Girls brand, but their third (and would-be final) album had a tepid outcome all roughly and eventually led to their unfixed hiatus.

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Children, Teens, and Familie in the Movies

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Latina teens in Little Village push strollers (Medill Reports Chicago, December 7, 2010) | Clarisa Ramirez

It’s not rare to locomotion through Chicago’s Little community neighborhood and see large indefinite amount of Latina time of life enterprising strollers. “Fifty-two percent of Latina time of life get great at to the lowest degree once earlier age 20 – nearly doubly the national average,” according to the political unit cause to preclude teenage and Unplanned Pregnancy. Chicago is activity a epochal role in that growth.

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How Spice Girls - GEM Could Actually Work (Hint: K-Pop Sub-Units) - Fuse

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