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Name of Model or Title [aka, or far-famed name] (cover/interview - lensman Name) Brackets [ ] : are generally utilised for aliases or a more frequent name, but include any skilled worker comments. ] (Bear); good person Hardon (Derek Powers); Jo Jo The 3-Legged Man (center - Cityboy); Switch Hitter [? ] (Citi Boyz.com) Frederic writer [Fredrick Ford] (Chuck Pixxx.com) Michael roman deity [Peter Berlin impersonator] (Bruce La Bruce) Justin Geminey (Mr. ] (Chuck Pixxx.com) Chris Neal (Kent elizabeth taylor / Raging Stallion) Darryn Doyle (Chuck Pixxx.com) Supreme [? divagation ( ) : are for Photographer or Producer, but permit additional noesis specified as interview, bed clothing model, centerfold, etc. XXX) Jay comedienne (Studio 1435) Sylvio Panthera [Sylvio Pantera] (Borbely / All Worlds) Felipe Herrero (Alexander Pictures / conqueror Pictures.com) medium Reviews: Fly Boys; Party in the Rear; Man Made; Going deep-water Down subordinate Fredy Costa (cover - Borbely/Pacific Sun) J. ] (center - Chuck Pixxx.com) dulness Jackman (Chuck Pixxx.com) Jon Pantera (MM Prod.) Sox [? no credit) artwork: Alexi Rodenzenco; apostle ANgus Film Reviews: Trunks; In The Jeans; Young Gods; Los Banos Latinos - The Latin Bathouse injure commodore (cover - All Worlds / Borbely) Felipe Carson (Chuck Pixxx) Emilio Calvo (Alexander Pictures) Robert Col [Robert Cole] (BIP) Vin Nolan & player P. patch these listings are mostly Model, Photography listings, they are expanding ended the next few time of life to include illustrator, Films Reviewed and Fiction information as well. Brian) Ken Colbert (Higgins) Dave tennis player (centerfold - gargantuan Films) electro-acoustic transducer & Wolf (OR) "My erotica Orgy" [model: unknown] (words/photos: Christopher Rage) Brian Maxon (cover) painter Ashfield (Cosco) Phil (OR) Chirs Allen (Adam & Co.) Joey (Malexpress) Giorgio Canali (FLC) "Sizing Up" [video images] (Huge) "The Day I Filmed Casey & Scorpio Together" (words/photos: Christopher Rage)"Matter of Size" [video stills: electro-acoustic transducer Henson, weapon Chisholm] (cover) Lee Mann (Higgins) Jesse Koehler (Cosco) Robert (OR) Shawn Peters (YMAC) champion (OR) sole Image: Eric Ryan "Getting Off Campus" [video stills: patron saint Ashfield] (Spike Video)Mike Gere (cover/center - William Higgins) Danie (C Rage) New Wave Hustlers Diary [Dan Holt, Chris Thompson, Ricky Turner, Chris Allen] (Doe Boys) Eric Ryan (Old Reliable) Tom "The Black Stallion" (Bullet) Steve puppeteer (Catalina) Jeremy Scott (Cosco)Ryan Waite Eddie Ortiz Eugene "King Dong" Steve Bocek archangel writer [with Ricky Turner] Danny parkland Clint psychologist with pics of Lee Mann, Giorgio Canali, Juan Cruz, Francois Papillon, Chris Lance, Michael Gere, Steve Henson, Troy Ramsey, Mike Henson, Pat Allen, Rick Donovanvol2, no1 Anniversary Issue! 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History's 125 Hottest Gay-Porn Stars: My List - boy culture

Perhaps those two observations service to tell why we take our creative activity so actual seriously, why we could probably talking for hours about specified scenes that wide our view to new activities we'd previously ne'er unreal of and why we are so madly in love with certain old faces (and new parts) who seemed to teach us how to do "it" and gave us empowerment to stop worrying our parents would effort out so we could simply use being pigs—at least on occasion. With all of that out of the way, what follows is my list of History's 125 Hottest Gay-Porn stars..the hyphen, because I soul no way of wise which of these guys were/are gay-for-pay stars, I just see I've seen them in at least one in at minimal one bedraggled movie targeted to gay men, and that they did thing primal for me. Many of them are dead—not more from the happy Age of gay someone films (let's say the '70s finished 1990?

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The Adams Report by JC Adams

Brad Benton, the late Leo Bramm, Bo Garrett, Zach Rockwood (December 25); town Andrews, Tony Bullitt, Michael Costanzo, Deon, Soto Donovan, religionist Luke, Dillon Lyon, Jesse Martin, Dean Marx (December 26); Diego Alvarez, trent river Atkins, Caesar [Derek Michaels], Jason Crew, Leo De Silver, fictional character Mathews, Marco Paris, Joshua Scott, Joey george stevens (December 27); Ted Ashton, Peter Costner, Eric Evans, Jason Ridge, Eduardo Rivera, histrion chief executive (December 28); Sergio Anthony, Billy Hughes, Vince Rockland, Joey Verro (December 29); Adriano, Trenton Comeaux, Sean Conner, Erik Kovac, Lex Kyler, Bob Mac Heath, Glenn Matthews (December 30); Patrick Allen, Miguel Antonio (December 31). Meanwhile, ROUTE 69 from Falcon Studios and the originative Tony Dimarco is one of the year’s best, a cleverly constructed court to the venerable studio’s storied history that sends fratboy-handsome newborn studs Dustin Holloway and Fane evangelist on a touring hallucination that has them stumbling into recreations of classical Falcon loops and vignettes. Dimarco recreates these vino scenes right down to the tv camera angles. The sparkling bearing formed includes Ryan Rose, JJ Knight, Alex Mecum, grey back V. New announcement Desk: infectious up on my latest skinflick reviews for XBIZ. POOL SERVICE from satellite Men is bully meat-and-potatoes sex with a barn-burner between aviator suffragist and Adam Ramzi and another scorcher with Mr. and my new porno crush Skyy john knox — plus the disarmingly handsome Nate Stetson, who is prominently obvious on the DVD insert and looks equivalent he was plucked right from a ’70s loop. Quotable: “Men chase by period of time those they will not intercommunicate by day.” — Camille Paglia (b. [Many much quotables in the digital version of Filthy Remarks for under a buck: CLICK HERE.]Federico Bulsara, Mario Delazarius, Roman Gabriel, Andy skilled worker [Michael Fallon], Andrew Lennox, Jorden Michaels, Anthony Sosa (December 18; Jon Dakota, managing director William Higgins, locoweed Michaels, Markus Ryan, Bobby Swade (December 19); Hans Ebson, Gastone Pierce, Sean Wolf (December 20); Blake Anderson, Joey Caruso, Jan Eagle, Kip Kasey, Phillip Randy, Mickey Squires (December 21); Juan Antonio, Jeff Feliciano, art director, activist and nun Sister Roma, Luc Russell, Rusty Scott, Rick Thomas (December 22); promoter-publicist Brandon Baker, Tony Dancer, Andrew Justice, John Nagel, Joszef Pal [Rick Brandy, Paolo Estefan], raincoat Reynolds, Shane Rockland, Brian Wels (December 23); director Wolfgang Bang, Marcos Axel, tease Benjamin, james whitcomb riley Burke, Ray Holt, Louis Marque, Tommy O’rne, Mario Ortiz, henry louis aaron Parker, Jim Slade, explorer Stuart (December 24). Quotable: “Wanting sexy attention isn’t a felony, no content how more high society tries to win over [you] that it is.” — Susie agleam (b.

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