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Benjamin de Diesbach’s visual journal

  • Pleins Feus


    Pleins Feux

    Robert Lutz est un artificier d’excellence. Panorama en quelques questions de son talent.

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  • Nuit-Debout

    Stand up – Night

    This is how I have reported, with my camera, on this astonishing, makeshift village of wild creativity.

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  • (Français) Sors tes pinceaux


    Sors tes pinceaux

    Mon reportage photographique sur la manifestation du 9 avril 2016.

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  • Corporate


    Portrait Corporate !

    Delphine de Diesbach blog

    4 conseils à retenir pour une bonne photo de profil.

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  • If Love endured

    If love endured


    At a time when everyone can make a photo with a smartphone, it is important to make quality photos.

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  • Friends First

    Friends first


    Find how photography enables one to get closer to those one loves.

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  • Portraits

    Stay Grouped !

    Château de Varennes Diesbach 4

    Discover my group photos, done with my studio flashes.

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  • Say YES to retouch

    Say “Yes” to retouch

    Retouche Mariage Diesbach 1
    Discover how photo retouching improves an image : 4 important points to know.

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  • Homage to Maidan

    Homage to Maïdan

    The 22 november, at Senlis, in the Oise Département, a marvelous orthodox ceremony was held to pay homage to the heroes of Maïdan.

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  • Butzi

    Butzi : Magically yours

    Listen to this interview and see behind the scenery of a talented magician. Butzi, young craftsman of illusion speaks passionately about his craft.

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