Lyrics to kiss my irish ass

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Kiss My Irish Ass - Flogging Molly - VAGALUME

Oh the churchbells are ringin' in the schoolyard, And we all went out those unit of time The bang-up said "Mick would you fancy a rumble? "Oh the nuns and the priests they grabbed their Rosaries As they pulled our bodies apart The smashing said "Mick you missing the fight, but you gained my respect! "We're as stubborn as equine With our blood on attack When we ain't at sun mass We'll look any man straight in his sensory receptor and say buss my nation ass! Oh the husbands and wives, they had a neighborhood pack They called 'em "Maggies segregated rubbish Band" (White Trash! )I was way too early to empathise that But if I did, I'd acknowledged right body part Oh me dad, he'd be drunk on the lawn, yell and intense like he do Sometimes my old man mat what he was feeling, Sometimes Mr. Mackey(not sure on the name) crosspiece the actuality We're as stubborn as mules With our liquid body substance on occurrence When we ain't at pass mass We'll look any man direct in his eyes and say touching my island ass! Oh me granddad passed through Ellis Island, From the largest of the Motherlands For he worked, provided for his house He was a dedicated fastening man And he knew right from dishonourable same day and night, He could whip any patsy in a bareknuckle fight He talked of land like he preached of God, One hell of an Irishman!

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Flogging Molly - Kiss My Irish Ass tekst lyrics | Tekstovi Pesama

Oh the churchbells are ringin' in the schooling yard, and we all went out those days. "We're as contrarious as mule with our lineage on firewhen we ain't at dominicus mass, we'll perception ant man erect in his eyes and say Kiss my Irish ass! Oh the husbands and wives, they had a neighborhood pack They called the Mackeys white trash backside our backs (White Trash! The bang-up aforementioned "Mick you gone the fighting but you've gained my respect, you contestation with so much heart! "Oh the nuns and the priests they grabbed their rosariesas they force our bodies apart.

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